Is Reclaimed Granite Cobblestone Gauged?

Old granite cobblestones that are reclaimed and antique are not gauged. What does this mean?  There are several definitions of the word ‘gauge’. According to a variety of resources the word gauge can refer to a measurement tool, such as a pressure gauge or vacuum gauge, needle gauge or sizes such as wire gauge, sheet metal gauge or film gauge. For the purpose of measurement, it refers to whether or not each unit has equal distances between two surfaces or sides.

With new or machine made cobblestone pavers or manufactured concrete pavers for driveways, walkways and paths, creating similar and equal sizes that have gauged sides is possible – because machines do the cutting or molds are made which create “cookie cutter” equal sized units.

Happily, the antique reclaimed cobblestones in our collection were not made by machines, they were made by hand over 100 years ago. This means there are inherent variations and the sides of each cobble will be slightly inconsistent. And with age, the surfaces have been beautifully worn and edges have softened or changed over time. Just the way we like them! Full of character and individuality!

These imported European cobbles have a variation tolerance of +/- ½”, meaning they will vary in size from cobble to cobble within each size category (we have 6 traditional sizes to choose from, in either granite or sandstone). But even the sides of each individual cobble will not be equal – it’s just not possible when dealing with something handmade and antique. These charming old cobbles are slightly trapezoid in shape – some more than others.

With the larger size cobblestone, we can have the bottom portion sawn creating a paver height of 1” or 2” for setting on a concrete base for your driveway, walkway, patio or garden path. The sides and top will retain the original antique finish exposed to weather and wear and will be somewhat uneven. This saw-cutting technique does not create a gauged bottom surface as the cobbles are at an angle when cut and therefore, some angle remains on the bottom half. This is not a problem as the cobbles are set in mortar.

The large selection of authentic reclaimed antique granite or sandstone cobblestone from our Historic European Cobblestone collection is wonderfully unique and we celebrate its variations as being a part of a history – history beneath your feet!