Santa Barbara Sandstone Projects

Santa Barbara Sandstone is a unique and beautiful sandstone indigenous to the Santa Barbara area in Southern California. Also known as Montecito stone, this area sits on a geological formation which produces this famous golden or buff colored stone. Santa Barbara stone is harvested as boulders, unlike most stone which is ‘quarried’. For over a century, it has been popular on many prominent public buildings and residences in the region. Santa Barbara Sandstone is famous for its texture and work-ability, easily hand-split by masons to expose the warm golden color and then hand trimmed to produce the variety of patterns available. Boulders are hand-cut with the mason in mind; you will find our products require very little trimming for custom veneer applications.

Santa Barbara Sandstone – A Reminder of the Past

In a world filled with asphalt and concrete, Santa Barbara Sandstone is a visual and tactile reminder of earlier days, when we were more closely connected to the earth.


Stone Benches

Fabricated in Santa Barbara Sandstone

Historic Property in Pasadena, CA Selects Santa Barbara Sandstone

Once home to the famous geophysicist Charles Richter

Backyard Fire Pit & Entertainment Area

Featuring Santa Barbara Sandstone

Santa Barbara Sandstone Veneer

The Veneer is the Highlight for the Exterior of this Commercial Building.