Architectural Stone & Stone Flooring Projects

Architectural stone is natural stone that is cut or hand-worked to specific sizes or shapes per architect specifications. Stone columns, balustrades, fireplaces, fountains, window and door molding, veneer cladding, and wall caps for home or commercial applications can be fabricated with stone.  Selection decisions include; color, texture or finish and pattern. Specifying the right stone requires an understanding of its application; function, versatility, durability and value engineering.

Stone flooring made from natural limestone, granite, basalt and sandstone are some of the most interesting and enduring materials appropriate for floor tiles, slabs, paving stone and more. French limestone includes familiar names such as; Limeyrat, Lanvignes, Dalle de France, Dalle de Bourgogne. Spain is famous for Crema Perla limestone, a beautiful cream color. Domestic options in limestone, sandstone and granite hail from the states of Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, just a few of the fine options available for stone flooring.

Luxury Home in Orange County, CA

Featuring French Limestone

Elegant Outdoor Flooring & Paving Tiles

Featuring Limeyrat French Limestone

Contemporary Residence Stone Floor Tiles & Slabs

Featuring Crema Perla Limestone from Spain

Creame Perla Stone Floor Tiles & Slabs

Crema Perla is a beautiful limestone quarried in the south of Spain.

Natural Stone Veneer, Flooring, Stairs & Copings

Featuring Santa Barbara Sandstone, French Limestone and Texas Limestone were selected for this Laguna Beach, California property.

Porphyry Cobblestone Pavers

Over 9,000 sf of porphyry cobblestone pavers for St. Annes Community Plaza located in central California.