A new patio is an exciting and functional addition to your backyard. There are many areas of the design that can lead to long term satisfaction – or – headaches. The experts from Houzz suggest, choose your materials wisely, which includes incorporating natural stone.

Natural stone for flooring including patios, is a classic and long-lasting material that works well with almost any home and landscape design. Although natural stone is generally the most expensive paving option, locally sourced stone might be more economical than you would expect — and also more environmentally friendly, as it would travel a shorter distance to reach your project site than a non-local stone would.

Monarch Stone International can supply locally sourced stone such as limestone, sandstone, granite and bluestone. Click on the Houzz logo below to read the article for more tips and ideas. View the many stone options on our website and give us a call today to discuss natural stone for your project!