Over 9,000 sf of porphyry cobblestone pavers for St. Annes Community Plaza located in central California.

Tom Holloway, Principal of KLA Inc, Sonora CA, was the lead landscape architect/designer on this beautiful project. Simile Construction of Modesto provided the well-crafted installation.

Tom specified a 4” x 4” x 1-1/4” to 2” thick paver and a color range mix of red, gold, tan and brown. The pavers were gauged, providing two (top or bottom) useable surfaces. Monarch Stone International’s president Anthony Van Liefde worked diligently with the architect, contractor and church design committee. After several sample submittals, the color range was approved. In order to control the quality and the color range, Anthony traveled to the quarry in Mexico to discuss the project and produce an on-sight mock-up to establish quality control standards. Ocean transportation/export was also managed by our company, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of multiple containers to the project.Porphyry Pavers, St Annes

What is porphyry? Porphyry stone is a type of volcanic, igneous rock which, along with granite and other rock formations, make up approximately 95% of the world’s “crust.” Porphyry stone pavers are a versatile and enduring natural stone used for centuries and quarried around the world. Porphyry pavers or cobblestone pavers, have high wear resistance and surface regularity that allows comfortable foot travel. These pavers have an even, yet rough surface, which maintains a non-slippery property its whole life. They are ADA compliant – making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential use alike. Porphyry is unaffected by freezing and thawing, and because of its high resistance to chemicals, it is particularly recommended for public areas, including plazas, such as the community plaza for St. Annes which is now a gorgeous and inviting space for visitors and parishioners alike!  For more photos visit our Porphyry Cobblestone Pavers web page, our Pinterest Board or our profile on Houzz.com!

Project: St. Annes Community Plaza, Lodi Ca
Architect: KLA, Inc. Sonora, CA
Installation Contractor: Simile Construction, Modesto CA.