As reclaimed material, these old, used cobbles and curb are the ultimate in a salvaged and green product.

Old, used salvaged granite or sandstone cobblestones from the Historic European Cobblestone collection have already withstood centuries of wear and weather – and will continue to endure and can even outlast the life of your home!  

Antique reclaimed cobblestones have a unique and beautiful patina. This patina is what sets reclaimed antique cobblestones apart from other stone – and certainly from manufactured products. One option is old European antique granite, ranging in color from dark gray to gray-green or gray-blue. Another we call sandstone, which is actually a reclaimed old, extremely hard/dense stone also from Europe. It’s patina is a warm, gray and earth-tone range. Sandstone cobbles, especially Historic Sidewalk Cobbles, have a flatter surface than granite and are sometimes used as flooring for rustic interiors or wine cellars. There are other types of salvaged stone available as well, all reclaimed – with various shapes and sizes.

Not only is there a wide color palette, but these old classic stones are available in more than 6 sizes of square and rectangular shapes. Old limestone curbing is available in a variety of sizes. The heights can be left natural or sawn to your requirements. To handle curves in your garden, we also have extremely large granite rectangles (6″ wide x 12″ long x 12″ high) which are great options for curb and edging. These pieces are smaller than the limestone and allows more flexibility with design, especially small curved areas.

Traditionally, old cobblestones were set in sand, with their narrower ends firmly set at the base and their wider tops nearly touching, with just a little sand between them. No mortar was used. Many people still install them the traditional way. Most masons are capable of a quality installation. If any guidance is needed, we’re happy to provide installation advice by phone, for no charge.

While European cobblestones conjure up images of the liveried coachmen and gilded carriages of a distant era, there is a modern version as well, as some opt to have the bottom portion sawn or ‘sliced’ to a 2” thickness (or less if required), to be installed on a concrete base and grout the joints with mortar. Architects, designers and contractors appreciate our cobblestones for this versatility. This antique reclaimed collection compliments many types of architecture; traditional, French Country, Spanish Colonial, and Tuscan-style homes to name a few of the more popular styles.