Natural stone flooring options are plentiful, although often fabricated from the most popular; natural limestone, granite or sandstone. These are beautiful and enduring choices for floor tiles, paving stone, pavers and more. French limestone includes familiar names such as; Limeyrat, Lanvignes, Dalle de France, Dalle de Bourgogne. Spanish limestone is famous for “Crema Perla”, a beautiful cream color. Domestic options in limestone, sandstone and granite are quarried and fabricated in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, just a few of the more active stone production areas.

A “custom” natural stone floor often begins with large blocks of stone that are mined and then transported to factories where they are cut into thin slabs.  The slabs are then cut into individual tiles. Veining, crystallization and even fossils may appear in some, but not all of the tiles.  This type of variation is inherent with natural stone and adds to the elegance and charm.

Flooring tiles can be polished, honed, flamed or matte finished and can be cut in almost any size you desire. Pictured above is an image from a gorgeous Crema Perla paving project in California. More images can be found in our gallery here:  Monarch Stone International Stone Flooring