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Technology has become so prevalent in society that we take many everyday wonders for granted. Tools, apps, and gadgets that improve the energy efficiency and security of our homes, remind us to exercise, allow us to download the latest novel and communicate with friends and colleagues around the world instantaneously, have changed how we live and work. Technology is also impacting the natural stone industry and it opens up a world of possibilities for your projects and saves time, money, and resources throughout the process.

Today stone can be quarried using less energy, processed in only a few minutes, and fabricated using less water, reducing the overall impact on the environment. These benefits are all possible because of the latest technology, including a few high-tech fabrication techniques discussed here, such as Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery, water jet, 3D modeling, and sandblasting. Having some knowledge of these techniques will help you more clearly define your choices and expand your design options in ways you never imagined before.

It all starts with, selecting a stone.

It starts at the point of selecting the right stone for the project. What type of stone would best fit your personal taste, budget, and style? With almost endless materials, colors, and finishes available, even choosing a stone for  flooring can be a tedious and overwhelming task. But now you can gain access to practical and technical stone information at the touch of a button, or a phone call to a stone professional such as Monarch Stone International, who understands the challenges of the stone selection process.

And, The Natural Stone Institute is a great resource with a wide range of documents available for purchase or download. The site directs you to the information you need as a consumer or professional in the stone industry. Be sure to ask questions and bookmark stone samples, designs, and installations that you prefer. This will help you select the stone you want more easily and communicate more effectively with your stone supplier or installer.

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  • Sandblasting
  • 3D Modelling
  • Waterjets
  • CNC Machinery

The image above, is from a French Limestone custom home project managed by Monarch Stone International. This French stone carver also used a bit of technology – a hand held carving drill. The artistry is not lost using a tool such as this. It enables the carver to work more quickly, and is therefore more cost effective.

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