You’ll find French limestone provides a wide range of colors, variety of finishes and durability!

In over 40 years in the stone industry, we’ve found the most classic and popular stone for both architectural and flooring requirements is French limestone, due to the tremendous range of colors, wide variety of finishes offered and the high density/hardness/durability available.

Color Options: nothing compares to the variety of color options found with French limestone!  Click here for an example of just some of the French limestone colors available including variations of white, tan, cream, yellow, gray and black. Just a few examples of beautiful colors can be found in Limeyrat, Dalle de France, Lanvignes, Giverny, Dalle de Bourgogne, Balzac and Beaumanière to name a few. Keep in mind that names given to French Limestone can be confusing. In every situation, it’s important for custom orders to be clearly identified and then managed with the quarry to control the selection process and variations that will affect color range.

Density: French limestone is known as having some of the hardest stones, making it very suitable in freeze/thaw conditions. In general, the density of rock is measured by a scale which factors the packing structure, molecular arrangements and composition then assigns a number. Limestone ranges from 2.3 to 2.7 on the ‘density scale’. This is range found in most building stones and is comparable to marble and granite – in fact only basalt is harder. French limestone’s hardness is classified generally as semi-hard, medium-hard and some of the hardest; Villebois, Combanchien and St. Martin.

Finishes: A wide variety of floor and architectural stone finishes are available. For floor tiles, the quarried blocks of stone go through a process of machine calibration and then cut to sizes such as: 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, 18” x 18”, or to your custom specifications. At this point each tile is sent through for its final finish, with options such as: polished, honed, acid washed, brushed, flamed plus more. The edges of the tiles can be treated as well; straight edge, chiseled, chipped, brushed or shot blasted and yes, even more.

Natural French limestone for flooring or architectural specifications is a classic choice and an investment that can last a lifetime! Working with a stone expert who has firsthand knowledge and direct communication with French quarries is key to a successful outcome. Allow Monarch Stone International to assist you in the process of selecting French Limestone for your project.

Visit our French Limestone Project gallery and Flooring gallery for photos of just some of the beautiful French Limestone we can provide and give us a call today!