Consider hiring professionals such as a natural stone supplier and contractor to bring your outdoor hardscape or entertainment area dream to reality.

Professionals specializing in hardscape – the areas in your yard such as stone, brick, concrete etc., will work with you to not only to design but also assist with installation. Softscape is anything living: species of plants, ground cover, flowers, trees.  Ideally, a well-designed landscape incorporates a balance between these two elements – as well as the professionals involved.

What services do stone suppliers and contractors provide? For the most part, people hire a contractor for large installations like driveways and walkways, fire pits and outdoor dining areas. The contractor may or may not supply the stone paving as well. Finding an independent stone expert, ie. stone supplier such as Monarch Stone International, to work in tandem with the contractor, insures you’ll get a full offering of natural stone options that can be installed by the contractor.

Natural stone pavers, flooring or wall veneer or other materials for exterior installations can add tremendous functionality and visual curb appeal to your home. Natural stone comes in a wide variety of stone types from the US and around the world. Limestone, sandstone and granite offer an array of colors, sizes as well as appropriate density for your local climate. The photo above is a beautiful combination of Santa Barbara Sandstone and French limestone – two gorgeous stones that work extremely well together.

The right specialist can help you navigate the stone selection process; choose a stone, its color and shape that complements your existing landscaping. Interested in something full of color? Or movement in the stone? Irregular shaped pieces or straight? Choosing the right kind of stone is important as it will undoubtedly remain as a part of your hardscape in your landscape for a long time. The softscape can be replaced more easily and evolve with the seasons or your interest.

Contractors and stone professionals can help you add both visual appeal and value to your property. They’ll know what makes the most sense for the landscape footprint, soil and style and will assist with finding the best natural stone material that will work for your home now and for years to come. Give us a call today – we look forward to providing you with a stone investment that will last!