When you finally want your dream landscape to happen it doesn’t start with a patio, plantings, water feature or even shrubs. It starts by working with a landscape designer to create your Site Plan.

A site plan is a comprehensive plan of action intended to guide growth and development. It documents every last detail of your space. You can create a master plan for professional success, for personal growth, for a community, and you can create a master plan for your home and landscape design.

A Landscape Design Master Plan is even recommended for homeowners with smaller projects, because a design with an overarching vision is more cohesive when looked at and conceptualized broadly instead of piecemealed together. For projects that require permits and licenses, the review board members will certainly want to know if there are any other plans for the rest of the property, even if, for example, the client only intends to install the backyard this year.

A full-property plan helps both the client and the designer manage phases, expectations and resources, all while staying within a clear design vision. While the site plan is critical for the design of a landscape, most homeowners find it puzzling and difficult to understand.

This article from Houzz explains how to read and understand a Site Plan in greater detail: https://www.houzz.com/magazine/understand-your-site-plan-for-a-better-landscape-design-stsetivw-vs~34451572