“There is no bad stone, only inappropriate selections for a given application and unrealistic expectations  for a given stone type in a specific application…”  Marble Institute of America.

MIA is a valuable information resource for homeowners and professionals alike when considering natural stone for flooring or dimensional use. This particular resource  goes on to describe the attributes of the nine most commercially recognized natural stones; granite, quartzite, serpentine,  sandstone, marble, onyx, limestone, slate and soapstone.  Great insight and detail is shared.

After more than 30 years in the stone industry, we have seen some interesting residential choices of stone and stone finishes for flooring.  In most cases a particular stone is selected first because of its color, but the density or  finish (honed, flamed, brushed or bush-hammer) may or may not be the right choice for the application. Ultimately,  a collaboration between the stone supplier, architect, designer and other professionals, can advise a client to make the best decision for their design.

Natural stone use in any building application, yet especially for flooring, is a process  that should be given careful consideration and organizations with resources such as MIA is a great place to start.  Then give us a call – we’d be happy to assist you in your stone selection and purchasing process.