Guess its no surprise, we are very partial to stone.   Monarch Stone International truly believes that stone is the finest natural material one can select for flooring, building or landscaping purposes.

When it comes to stone used for flooring, we back up our position with a study done by the The Building Stone Institute .  The study  states that “Natural stone has a number of advantages over alternative flooring materials. Maintenance is minimal as well as cost-effective, and stone’s longevity allows it to be salvaged and reused time and again. Most importantly, natural stone flooring does not contribute to poor indoor air quality if low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) sealants are utilized. These attributes make natural stone a sensible choice for flooring in high traffic areas.”

Considering the fact that  some flooring products may actually contribute to poor indoor air quality due to the generation of dust, allergens and volatile organic compounds  or VOC’s, natural stone flooring seems to be the smart choice.

There are many types of stone available  for flooring.  In our experience, limestone, travertine and sandstone are the most interesting and enduring.  Flooring tiles can be polished, honed, flamed or matte finished and can be cut in almost any size you desire. Price is perceived as a major difference between stone and other materials, but not always.  Today there are many stones to choose from, quarried from around the world.  Do your research, ask experts in our field what they recommend based on your needs.  The right choice is essential, because stone flooring can last the lifetime of a building….another distinct advantage.