Removing snow from cobblestone driveways is handled with the right equipment.

If you live in any area that gets snow, then you’re likely already familiar with the snow removal options for driveways and walkways. But here are a few tips and suggestions shared by snow removal specialists and especially if you have a cobblestone driveway,

As a homeowner, your basic snow removal equipment includes anything from shovels to blowers to small plows. Experts say that a pusher is best for drier, lighter snow that can be efficiently bulldozed off the sidewalk without the ‘scoop-and-throw’ motion of a shovel. Use a shovel to lift and throw snow that is too deep or heavy to bulldoze using a pusher. And heavier snow calls for heavier equipment such as snow “throwers or blowers” . A “snow thrower” is the smaller of the two and refers to a single stage snow removal machine that picks up the snow in one motion and throws it out the chute with the continuation of that movement. A “snow blower” is a larger machine that uses is a two stage approach to snow removal.

If you are the proud owner of a cobblestone paver driveway or walkway, you’ll want to use a shovel or plow with a poly or rubber cutting edge. The poly or rubber style will slide over the cobblestone more easily and isn’t as likely to grab at the edges. To be prepared before winter and especially if hiring a removal expert, place 4′ plastic or metal reflectors along the boundaries of your apron and edging. Notify your snow plow contractor about your cobblestones and have him (or her) raise the blade 1″ before entering the driveway. Experienced operators realize that reflectors indicate a cobblestone area and with the raised plow, will avoid uplifting individual cobbles. Experienced operators should also be knowledgeable about the proper approach to snow removal on a cobblestone driveway. Assuming your cobblestones are installed on a natural base – not mortared in place, if one or more of the stones get dislodged, you simply need to put them back and tamp them down. In the spring you can evaluate and adjust again to create a level surface if necessary.

If your cobblestone driveway is mortared in place, your approach to removal is the same, being careful not to catch the edge of the cobbles. They should not pop off if installed correctly. For the ultimate in snow management for driveways and walkways, and if you’re in the design/ planning stages for your front entry, consider a radiant snow melting system when installing hardscape material.