With today’s technology and saw-cutting capabilities, Monarch Stone International can provide thin cobble pavers sawn or “sliced”@ 1.5” to 2” for a concrete based installation!

Historic European Cobblestone® is a grand collection of reclaimed antique cobble and curb we exclusively import from Europe.  The top side is the original antique portion – well-worn  and full of character. The edges are original, but the bottom will be sawn. Six different sizes are consistently reclaimed in both granite or sandstone. Sizes range from small cubes 3″-4″,  to large 5″x5″x5″, 6″x6″x6,  7″x7″x7″ squares  and two rectangles: 4″x6″x6″, and 5″x8″x6″ all available in their original full height – or – the larger sizes ‘sawn’ or ‘sliced’ thin @ 5cm for a paver installation!

Traditional cobblestone shapes in squares and rectangles range in heights varying from 5” to 6” tall. With the thin paver height, cobblestone for driveways, walkways, patios becomes more versatile for a variety of landscape design applications and can be requested from any of the 5 of 6 sizes in two stone types (granite or sandstone) that we reclaim and import!

For installation, it is important to note that installing a sawn or sliced antique cobblestone paver on a sand base is not recommended due to its irregularity and inability to attain tight joints such is found in a manufactured paver. There are no flat sides on an antique cobblestone. It is possible to use on a sand base for walkways or light traffic areas. However, an antique cobble in a thin paver for wet setting on a concrete/mortar base, is a wonderful combination of look and function and especially appropriate for driveways and patios!

Thin antique cobblestone pavers can be used for interior flooring and wall veneer in addition to traditional use outdoors on walkways, driveways and courtyards! The uniqueness of each cobble is part of the genuine charm and is the reason that natural, old antique cobblestone is so appealing! With the added feature of saw-cutting or slicing the antique cobble into a thin paver, the options and uses are greatly expanded!

We are the leading importers and suppliers of antique reclaimed cobblestone and curb from Europe! Give us a call today to find out more about our nationwide delivery and wide variety of paving stone options including thin – sliced cobblestone pavers for your driveway, walkway or patio!