Stone Professionals Offer Expertise – Add Value To Your Project!

Stone professionals specializing in natural stone for building and landscape/hardscape requirements such as stone walkways, cobblestone driveways, patios, exterior stone veneer or interior stone flooring, provide their expertise and services – adding value to your project in many ways. Natural stone pavers, slabs, flagstone, veneers, flooring and wall cladding come in a wide variety of stone types, colors, shapes and sizes and the right specialist can help you choose the best stone for your budget and design requirements.

Selecting natural stone for your home or commercial project is an investment decision requiring expertise. Specifying the right stone requires an understanding of the vast choices in types, color and application. Some stone professionals will assist in supplying the stone only. However, others can assist in the specifications, design and offer installation consultation for your exterior and interior requirements. This is the level of service and expertise you’ll find working with companies such as Monarch Stone International whose services include:

  • Worldwide stone resources for architectural stone, flooring, exterior stone, hardscape requirements
  • Stone shop drawings/cutting tickets, factory liaison 
  • Masonry Construction Consultation

In addition, professionals such as building architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, building contractors or masonry contractors all bring a wealth of knowledge to your interest in natural stone for your project. They’ll cover the phases from conceptualizing to design and by combining their services with a stone specialist, the right stones will be selected, and the correct installation method discussed for your climate, region and design style. The end result will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Choosing the right kind of stone requires the help of natural stone experts such as Monarch Stone International.  Natural stone is an investment and if installed correctly, will last as long as the life of your home. Whether you want a natural stone veneer wall in the kitchen or need help designing a natural cobblestone driveway, you’ll want a professional to get it right. Call Monarch Stone International today for all your natural stone questions. With over 35 years experience and global reach with factories and quarries worldwide, we’ll provide you with a stone investment that will last a lifetime!