Natural stone pavers used for a driveway, walkway or patio, are an effective way to increase your homes value.

Natural paving stone is a much more visually appealing choice which has the distinct advantage of lasting longer than manufactured pavers, decomposed granite, concrete or similar manufactured material. When this is taken into consideration, along with the increased value to your property, its easy to understand why the investment may be very worthwhile.

Ask a stone supplier or contractor about maintenance and longevity. Concrete becomes unsightly after several years with cracks and uplifting. Replacing decomposed granite/gravel after exposure to weather and wear may become tedious and costly not to mention the mess it makes on garage floors and inside your home. Natural stone pavers may only need a sealant (many types do not) and can last the lifetime of your home!

Most natural stone exterior surfaces if installed properly can last indefinitely. Choices are abundant, from beautiful domestic sandstone pavers (see photo above) to imported stone such as French Limestone or Porphyry pavers. And for something very unique, old reclaimed granite cobblestone, 100- 400 year old Historic European Cobblestone and curb imported from Europe! This cobblestone looks amazing, requires no sealant and little to no maintenance!

A qualified stone professional such as Monarch Stone International and/or a design or contractor professional, will have suggestions that vary in price, color, look and feel in order to provide the beauty and quality you desire. In this way, by using a creative design, careful assessment of installation options and a variety of natural stone materials you’re more likely to have the outcome you desire.

Give us a call today to discuss your ideas. We’ll be happy to provide you with long lasting, beautiful natural stone pavers!