Porphyry stone pavers are a versatile and enduring natural stone perfect for stone driveways, walkways, stone patios, even wall veneer.

What is porphyry? Porphyry is a type of volcanic, igneous rock which, along with granite and other rock formations, make up approximately 95% of the world’s “crust.”  It is comprised of over 70% silica, about 14% alumna, 8% alkali and small percentages of iron, calcium and magnesium. The term porphyry is from Greek (πορφύρα porphúra) and means “purple”. Purple was the color of royalty, and the “imperial porphyry” was a deep purple igneous rock with large crystals of plagioclase. The rock is the hardest known in antiquity and was prized for monuments and building projects in Imperial Rome and later. Today the color range is not limited to purple as porphyry is quarried in several areas around the world and its color range varies depending on this location.

Porphyry pavers or cobblestone pavers, have high wear resistance and surface regularity that allows comfortable foot travel.  These pavers have an even, yet rough surface, which maintains a non slippery property its whole life.  They are ADA compliant –  making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential use alike.  Porphyry is unaffected by freezing and thawing, and because of its high resistance to chemicals, it is particularly recommended for public areas, including plazas, sidewalks, pool decks, fountains and parks. Shown in the image here is porphyry from Mexico selected for a church plaza in California.

Finished porphyry is available in a complete range of stone products: tiles, cobblestones, cubes, pavers, irregular flagging steps, curbstones, borders and wall coverings, in various colors and finishes. Sawn or snap cut edges, surfaces are natural, or finished with flaming, honing, polishing, sandblasting or bush-hammering. The colors range from rich reds and burgundys, earth tones and warm grays.

You’ll find new porphyry is quarried from countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Italy. Monarch Stone International can assist you in selecting the perfect color and size for your project!