Stone Driveways: What are Your Options?

A natural stone driveway is a beautiful option that will enhance your home or commercial project. Natural stone is a feature that will boost curb appeal and increase the value of your property. Plus, a natural stone driveway will last much longer than manufactured products such as concrete pavers, which wear, crack, change colors or fade with time. There are many options for stone driveways; here are a few of the most popular choices.

Custom Design with Stone 

Memorable homes should begin at the driveway! A home or commercial property with custom stone features is unique, eye-catching, and memorable.  At Monarch Stone International, we have the expertise and relationships with stone quarries throughout the U.S. and worldwide that enable us to select the best match for your specifications that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing for your project.

A landscape architect will help you envision a stunning driveway with a customized design including special sizes, shapes and thickness of stone. Stone options will include the installation criteria; whether a sand base or concrete base which will determine the thickness of the stone. Some suggestions for driveway stone include; domestic limestone, newly quarried sandstone pavers for its warm colors in brown, yellow, orange or porphyry paving stone quarried from around the world – Mexico, Italy, Argentina. Click on these links for more information.

Antique Reclaimed Cobblestone

Your home deserves an investment that will last a lifetime!  Antique granite cobblestone or reclaimed sandstone cobblestone is perhaps the oldest driveway stone options available and are known for being both charming and durable. We import rare authentic cobblestones and curb directly from Europe; ranging from 100-400 years old, with an antique patina that is undeniably genuine and elegant.

Multiple sizes are available in squares and rectangles. Click on the size chart for a list of the standard reclaimed antique cobblestone sizes we import. There are many other sizes and types available – give us a call to review.

Call Monarch Stone International today to find the best natural stone, with the natural color and custom size that will meet and exceed your driveway requirements!