Natural stone images captured in print.

A recent article posted on the Use Natural Stone website discusses the use of natural stone as art. The article, “Discovering New Forms of Art in Natural Stone” suggests that art can take on many different shapes and sizes in a variety of mediums, from watercolor paintings and bronze sculptures to still-life photographs and wood carvings. Art can become the focal point of any interior living space, including in the form of natural stone.

It reminded me of a post I wrote a few years ago about a local Southern California photographer who has an incredible talent for capturing natural stone images in print. When we discovered this exceptional collection by photographer Kirk Kegel at Rock Art Pics, we wanted to share his unique and beautiful imagery of natural stone in the form of rock art photography.

We initially met Kirk many years ago when our youngest became hooked on rocks – all kinds of rocks. A chip off the old block so they say….Thankfully through Boy Scouts and a local rock and mineral club; South Orange County Gem & Mineral Society (, we learned about mineralogy and gemology and our son was provided a really great hands-on experience.

Kirk has since gone on to combine the passion for rocks and gems with his incredible talent in photography. Capturing the beauty in a rock the way he does, is quite simply – magical. Take a look at an ordinary slice of a Brazilian Agate geode above, which becomes “The Big Wave”.

The amazing variety of colors and forms in these photographs present a unique conversation piece and design element. They appear as paintings to the untrained eye, like the “Ocean Window” which is rhyolite with a stunning blue agate inside.

These images from the earth, found in natural stone, gems, fossils, and plants, are available as fine art giclee prints and canvas wraps by visiting Kirk Kegel Photography’s website and if you are in the local area, Designs By Nature in San Clemente, California.