What Does American Limestone Add to the Design of Your Home?

You have likely heard of American limestone or seen photos of it used in home interiors or exteriors. But, why should you choose to incorporate natural American limestone into your residential project? Here are some features of this beautiful stone option that can take your custom home to the next level.

An Air of Sophistication

American limestone is one of the leading choices for domestic stones for dimensional or flatwork, whether it is for interior/exterior flooring, cladding, stairs, columns, balustrade, window surrounds, pool coping, decking or paving. A primary reason why it is so sought after is the stone offers a luxurious look. Wide expanses of limestone look amazing on exterior walls and fountains, as well as interior fireplaces, veneer, and decorative trim, to name just some of the applications.

Your choice of stone and color will carry an aesthetic sophistication that is difficult for imitation or manufactured  materials to match within a custom home. Choose the best shade of limestone for your property and personal preferences from the large selection that includes light to white cream, beige, tan, gold and gray.

Versatility: Get the Look You Want

Limestone is an architectural stone that looks luxurious in many parts of the home and is customizable, according to the wishes of the homeowner. American limestone products look amazing as hardscape or architectural elements, with our team available to offer suggestions on the best types of natural stone for specific spaces and your needs.

At Monarch Stone International, we have been supplying American limestone for beautifying high-end properties since 1977. This luxurious stone, which we primarily get from Kansas, Indiana, and Texas can be custom cut or carved to your specifications. Stone can be sandblasted, etched, sawn, honed or brushed to alter the appearance and further customize the look. With any of these custom options, the result will be even more special to both homeowners and their guests.

Choosing Top Quality

Of course, not all American limestone is the same, and standards between suppliers can differ too. Your luxury home deserves only the best in stones as sculptural or base material. The difference between average and top-of-the-line stone is where we are able to advise and guide you in the stone selection process.

We understand the difference that quality makes and never provide architectural stone that is less than the best for your requirements. Over the decades that Monarch Stone International has been providing deluxe stone to residential owners, we have built strong connections with quarries and suppliers across the United States and globally. Thus, you can rest assured that you have access to the premium resources in stone and stonework.

Along with ensuring quality of the natural stone you order from us, we also understand which type of stone is the optimal choice for which application. We take into account factors such as engineering, durability, and functionality. Depending on the project site, we are happy to recommend the most suitable type of stone for your luxury home, such as American limestone, Santa Barbara Sandstone, or French Limestone.

We are happy to explain the differences between these architectural stones and their strengths to you. To see the value of American limestone for yourself and how it can impact your next home project, contact us today.