For a fascinating look at some of the innovative ideas which have gone into making the 2012 Games arenas some of the most sustainable ever seen at an Olympic event, visit  RTCC (Responding To Climate Change). The website reports on the structures and their content, along with possible recycling and re-use and is raising the awareness and excitement level for the 2012 Games!

Olympic Park for example, has been something of a success story, especially for sustainable architecture. The area looked very different four years ago – less a park and more a mixture of tattered industrial buildings and toxic wastelands. Constructed on 246 hectares of once heavily contaminated industrial land, one of the first challenges that faced the Olympic Park organizers was reclaiming the site.  98% of the materials from the site’s demolished buildings, including glue factories, a chemical works and an oil refinery, were re-used and 700,000 cubic meters of soil, enough to fill two billion cans of coke, were cleansed to be re-claimed.

So why are the organizers so confident they can deliver a truly ‘green’ Games? Read more at