French Limestone from Limeyrat, an exquisite choice for flooring, tiles and more!

French limestone for floor tiles and paving, especially from Limeyrat, is by far the most elegant, enduring, versatile natural stone one can find. Limeyrat French limestone, sometimes referred to as Dalle de France, is a popular choice and available in gorgeous shades of colors ranging from beige, ocher, grey, brown, taupe colors.  This limestone has excellent density and proven durability for interior and exterior use which is why it was the perfect choice for our client’s stunning home.

Monarch Stone International supplied classic Limeyrat French limestone in a rustic, antique finish for both interior field floor tiles and exterior paving. The interior and exterior sizes were cut to three different widths and random lengths to create a “plank” pattern.  Limeyrat French limestone was also used for the tile risers, tile treads and pool coping. In most instances, Limeyrat limestone can be polished, honed or matte finished and can be cut in almost any size you desire.

In all, more than 4,000 sf of French tiles were used for the interior and over 10,000 sf of paving on the exterior. Our company worked directly with the stone quarry in France, to make certain that the color range was followed – a range only available from specific benches within the quarry. Color variations for French limestone can sometimes be confusing and misleading. The small sample tiles one may see in a stone showroom here in the U.S., may not always be the same color range being produced by the quarry. It is for this important reason alone, that the expertise and assistance of stone specialists such as Monarch Stone International, is the proven way to ensure your specifications will be followed and your expectations will be met.

For more images of this gorgeous project, click on the French Limestone Gallery page (images #40 to #44).