stonehengeStonehenge, the mysterious site in Scotland, has baffled scientists for years. Where did the stones come from? What was the purpose? How did they get there?  Recent research as reported by the NY Daily News, has revealed one of the secrets — and the answer surprised even the British scientists who made the discovery.

Many of the stones at the famous 5,000-year-old attraction came from a site 160 miles away in an outcropping at Craig Rhos-y-felin in Pembrokeshire, the BBC reported.

The discovery was made by matching samples from Stonehenge’s bluestones with those from the other site. The mineral content and textures of the two sets of stones were compared and the connection to Stonehenge was found.

But the mysteries of Stonehenge were not entirely resolved as four of the towering Stonehenge rocks were not from the other location. And the big question of how the stones were moved from Pembrokeshire to their permanent spot in Wiltshire remains unanswered.   Perhaps the British scientists, Dr. Richard Bevins and colleague Dr. Rob Ixer will dig deeper and discover that answer in the future.