We have clients who experience cost overruns when building or remodeling a home. This may leave the landscape plan receiving a smaller allocation of resources. There are affordable natural stone options.  Consider quality landscape design incorporating hardscape with genuine stone, in key areas.  It can be a modest investment, or an extravagant one, but it will definitely add to the value and appeal of your home.

Natural stone for walkways, driveways or other decorative or hardscape surfaces, have the distinct advantage of genuine, natural beauty and will last longer than man-made  pavers, decomposed granite or concrete.  For today’s sustainable design requirements, installed with sand joints, it has the added benefit of permeability – allowing water runoff to percolate through areas that would traditionally be impervious and infiltrate to the soil below.

A home is one of your largest investments.  A qualified landscape architect, landscape contractor and resourceful stone supplier can work together to bring your vision to reality.  Make a statement that starts – on the outside!