Antique cobblestone pavers add the crowning touch to this driveway in Southern California.

Palos Verdes, California. This driveway is anything but typical. Our clients selected a classic cobblestone size: 5” x 8” x 6” rectangle but required a thinner profile for a ‘paver’ installation on their driveway.  A thin antique ‘paver’ is a popular request and an available option. We begin with original reclaimed 6” high cobble and saw-cut the bottom to provide the top antique portion with a 2” thick (not gauged) version of the old original. This height is commonly used for installation over a concrete base.

The particular type of Historic European Cobblestone selected was an antique reclaimed SANDSTONE cobble. It has an earthier, warmer color range than antique reclaimed GRANITE cobblestone. Lighter colors were desired to match the exterior color palette including the beautiful local stone seen in the photo on the walls, landing and steps.

Historic European SANDSTONE Cobblestone is an extremely tight-grained stone, as hard and durable as reclaimed granite. Cobblestone has been used for centuries as street paving in Europe. There are two unique features to reclaimed sandstone cobblestone – it provides a more foot-friendly surface and has a unique, warm color range! This type of old-world cobblestone is more comfortable for walkways or patios as well as driveways and is appropriate for all freeze/thaw conditions!  The inviting color range of soft grays, greens and earth tones set this variety apart. In addition, you’ll have an assortment of sizes to choose from. There are 6 different sizes available in both sandstone and granite, as well as two height options: original FULL or SAWN @ 1.5” to 2″ for mortar set applications!

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