An earlier post entitled Stone: The Green Building Material, we learned that natural stone was finally receiving recognition that it is truly a ‘green’ product from Building Green. To dig deeper into the question of what makes a product green, we share the following list and encourage those interested to read further on the Building Green website.

The article outlines the overarching criteria used in GreenSpec, each product category in the guide lays out which of these criteria they consider most relevant for that category, based on available information. The goal is to balance pragmatism, precaution, and vision to create a useful guide for those specifying products that contribute to high performance in building projects. Consistent guidelines also help steer the industry toward safer, more environmentally friendly products.

There are several main categories, each with additional references and explanations.

  • Efficient Use of Materials
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Low-Impact Operations
  • Healthy Buildings
  • Sustainable Industry, Resilient Communities

As stone professionals, we are naturally a part of the ‘green’ movement. Monarch Stone International has built a reputation for providing clients with quality stone resources from our network of factories and quarries in the U.S. and abroad.  The scope of our services range from stone supply, to comprehensive stone management for your stone requirements.