A well planned exterior space that is both beautiful and kind to the environment is one that includes a permeable installation with natural stone pavers. Permeability can be achieved with a dry-laid installation technique.

A permeable installation using real stone pavers for driveways, walkways, decks or patios is designed to allow water to slow down and penetrate, percolate or settle into the ground by passing through the openings between each paver, which aids in the reduction of pollutants and reduces erosion.

Natural stone pavers are a perfect and more appealing option over concrete surface materials for driveways or walkways. Stone pavers will retain their original beauty and far outlast manufactured products. Granite, limestone or sandstone pavers as well as new or reclaimed cobblestone, are available in a wide variety of natural colors and range of sizes. If using reclaimed Historic European Cobblestone, the added benefit is – it’s recycled!

When installed on a dry-laid permeable base, the natural stone will allow water to permeate as well as filter into the porous joints in-between the stone pavers.  It’s important that you consult with a contractor or soils engineer for dry-laid installation recommendations appropriate to your location. In general, there are four layers to permeable paving. Each of these different layers acts as a filtration system to clean storm water.

  • First layer: The top layer is the actual paving material
  • Second layer: The second layer is the gravel bed
  • Third layer: The third layer is a filter fabric
  • Fourth layer: The bottom layer should be a bed of sand.

A unique opportunity also exists for grass or moss to be grown in the cracks between pavers, creating a sort of living pavement.

The project photo shown above is an example of genuine reclaimed cobblestone pavers set on a porous or permeable base of sand and DG with permeable sand joints. What could be more environmentally friendly than using 100% reclaimed, salvaged or recycled genuine cobblestone pavers such as Historic European Cobblestone, installed on a permeable surface!

Monarch Stone International offers a wide variety of natural stone and cobblestone options – including reclaimed antique cobblestone pavers.  Let us help you select the right material for your hardscape requirements!