Consider the benefits of permeable pavers and permeable hardscape in residential design and incorporate where ever possible.  What could be more  positive than the results attained from a well planned exterior space; garden, hardscape, or driveway design that is both beautiful and kind to the environment?

Permeable or porous surface – is an area designed to allow water to slow down and penetrate or settle into the ground, aid in the reduction of pollutants and reduce erosion. Although manufactured pavers can be permeable, we are passionate about natural stone and suggest using wherever possible.  The two projects shown above are examples of genuine reclaimed cobblestone set on sand with sand joints which assist in overall water run-off management. Stone is natural and in sync with an eco-friendly environment, and easily attainable with forethought and planning.  Reclaimed stone, such as Historic European Cobblestone, is even more in tune with sustainability.

Cassy Aoyagi, a landscape professional featured on the web site HOUZZ writes, “Permeable hardscapes help reduce a property’s carbon footprint in numerous ways. They replenish the groundwater table with filtered water, reduce runoff and its impact on city infrastructure, mitigate heat island effect … and they are just so lovely!”  We certainly agree!

Monarch Stone International offers a wide variety of natural stone and cobblestone options – including reclaimed antique cobblestone pavers.  Let us help you select the right material for your eco-friendly garden!