We believe natural stone is more durable and beautiful than man-made products. And, like many folks in the stone industry – we have no qualms about calling natural stone the world’s most sustainable building material available. However, in today’s greener world, sustainability means a lot more than how long a building stands.

The natural stone industry is heading into the home stretch of its multi-year effort to create a sustainability standard for natural stone products used in building. Spearheaded by the Natural Stone Council (NSC), the standard is eagerly being awaited by the architectural, design and construction industries and by those who quarry, distribute and fabricate natural stone.

Across the country, a team of consultants and industry members are dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s” on the standard. Once it is released for implementation, another challenge will begin — communicating the sustainability standard information to the industry and its broader audience in the design, construction and building owner communities. With industry support for this educational and public relations effort, there will never again be any doubt that natural stone is the most sustainable of all building materials.