One man’s home is another man’s ….castle? Recycled materials used for construction has taken on a whole new level with the completion of  this home, err, castle in Florida.

Artist Howard Solomon has fulfilled every kid’s dream by building himself a castle out of recycled materials! Located in Ona, Florida, this 12,000-square-foot home has it all-a moat, dungeon, gardens, stained glass windows and a drawbridge, all made of metal scraps, discarded car parts and reused materials. The interesting structure, aka ‘castle’  that took 12 years to build is open to visitors and even offers overnight stays in the Blue Moon Room located in the East Tower.

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Solomon’s Castle: A 12,000-Square-Foot Fort Made From Recycled Materials In the Swamps of Florida

All that’s missing is the authentic antique recycled cobblestone from our Historic European Cobblestone collection!