Memorable homes begin with the driveway – in Gig Harbor, Washington!

Is your dream to create a home that leaves a lasting impression? At Monarch Stone Int’l, we believe memorable homes being with – the driveway! Here’s what one client created with the help of “Historic European Cobblestone” and a very talented landscape contractor!.

We received a call one day from Landen Moore, co-owner of Nature Perfect Landscaping in Olympia Washington. Landen was searching for the perfect material for a client whose gorgeous estate required an authentic cobblestone driveway, one which was intended to make a lasting impression. The project in Gig Harbor, is a lush forested area along the Gig Harbor Bay on Puget Sound in Pierce County WA, about 35 miles northwest of Nature Perfects’ company office and landscape material yard in Olympia.

Landen was searching for the smallest ‘cube’ or mosaic size cobble in 3” to 4” in diameter because he and his talented team of craftsmen were going to re-create an 8,500 sf European fan pattern for the meandering driveway. This size of cobble is not only the right size for this pattern, this reclaimed cobble had already been installed in the same pattern hundreds of years ago in Europe!  Landen had found the right source with Monarch Stone International.

Monarch Stone International specializes in importing a wide variety of antique reclaimed cobblestone and curb – we call ‘Historic European Cobblestone’ . This cobblestone was at one time European street paving, but eventually removed/reclaimed to make way for the 20thcentury’s modern era electrical/sewer and infrastructure. Our company finds new homes for this historic material all across the United States!

Nature Perfect was thrilled at discovering our ability to quickly and efficiently import 8 containers of reclaimed cobblestone for the project.  The specifications included 8,500 sf of antique SANDSTONE cobble in the Mosaic cube 3-1/4″ to 4-1/2″ size range. This size range is critically important – it allows the arc to be achieved with the larger stones at the top of the curve, then graduating to smaller sizes towards the outer edges or bottom.

In addition to the cobblestone supplied, there was 1,500 sf of stone required for the border. We suggested stone from the same historic quarry that produced the cobblestone, which is still active today!  Although the new material does not have the antique patina, it allows the color range to continue and blends beautifully. The stone cutters fabricated 12″ wide x 2″ thick x random lengths pieces with natural clef finish for this project.

Nature Perfect Landscaping installation expertise far exceeded their clients expectations. The driveway is stunning and will serve as an authentic representation and connection to ‘Old World’ charm for every visitor to the property for many, many years to come.