Carving in French limestone leaves a lasting impression!

Monarch Stone International was the stone manager and supplier of French limestone for a memorable custom home located in Newport Beach, California. The home’s legacy is ensured by virtue of the fully clad exterior in French limestone, which includes an elaborately carved entryway and the interior which includes limestone flooring, veneer and stairs all in beautiful French limestone.

The stone carving commissioned for the home was completed by the incredible talent of carvers from France, Switzerland and southern California. The project designer, Christopher Kinne, specified an elaborate hand carved “Rose” motif for the doorway’s interior and exterior. This was done in the French limestone “Saint Croix” otherwise known as Balzac”. Several trips to France were made to pick the stone blocks, inspect the progress for cladding and architectural pieces and to meet and inspect the progress on the carving (see photo) with the lead stone sculptor, Beatrice. The attention to detail and artistry that was involved, speaks for itself in the finished photos of the homes exquisite interior and exterior entryways.

In addition to the carved French limestone entry, two beautiful medallions were designed and sculpted by a local artisan – Mona Beckman, who lives in Mission Viejo California. Mona is from Germany and is a master-class trained stone sculptor/carver.  She was commissioned to work in marble and created two legacy medallions that were destined for the library in the home. This artistry and craftsmanship is not seen very often in residential design and is simply tremendous!39. Marble Medallion Carver


The attention to detail by the architect and designer, the professional construction managed by RDM General Contractors and the wonderful clients/homeowners will be an experience that remains at the top of our list with regard size, scope and quality!