Fall is one of the most gorgeous times of the year. Crisp, cool air and a breathtaking display of colors burst from the trees that were once green.

When those beautiful leaves fall, take time to manage the clean-up.  Here are some ideas to assist :

1. Rake, mow or blow, keep them off your lawn to avoid problems such as mildew/rot, insects and diseases that can kill patches of even the healthiest grass.

2. Drop a tarp under your big trees to catch leaves for super easy pick up idea!

3. Mulch, compost or remove, its your choice

4. Keep your rain gutters/downspouts clear before the rain

5. Hardscape surfaces – keep them clear! Whether concrete, brick or stone, leaves can stain surfaces if not removed.

Talk to your local landscape maintenance professional or search the web for helpful advice such as, Learn To Grow and HGTV Gardens!

Happy raking!