Jennifer Adams from Stone World Magazine, recently wrote about her experience at the Coverings Show, as a judge for a competition which rewards excellence for installation which best follows a design plan.

“A design is only as good as its installation,”  words which carry much significance are proven when comparing projects which use beautiful stone materials, and a great design, but do not follow industry standards or take the time and effort to do an excellent installation job. Ms. Adams was a part of a judging panel that gave her this perspective, to which she noted;  “It became clear that while many of the designs and materials were beautiful, some were hurt by the installation. A poor installation can definitely hinder a design. Communication between the architect/designer and installer is crucial in order to complete a successful application.”

Having a certified installer for tile work and a licensed, experienced contractor for dimension or paving stone requirements, is necessary to ensure the final outcome.

In our business, supplying superior stone products is only a part of what we do.  At Monarch Stone International, we seek out opportunities to communicate and collaborate with the design team whenever possible, whether we provide product only, or installation as well.  Sharing our knowledge and experience with the client, architect/designer may result in saving time, money and a more beautiful, long lasting installation job. In the end, the installation will tell all, and our goal is for the design to be represented to its absolute best.