I recently read about a creative ‘art’ form in Mother Nature Network, known as stone stacking, or stone balancing, and a exhibit which was held on the beach in nearby Ventura,  California last summer.
Using smooth beach cobblestones, visitors created interesting shapes, stacking one on the other.

Stacking stones, or rock balancing, is the patient art of stacking rocks in meticulous formations.  Balancing stones has been a part of human expression for ages. The activity might have had religious or territorial meaning at one time. Today,there is a growing group who approach this craft as a creative activity like music, painting or sculpture. Its done for various reasons from meditative to artistic and the movement can be found all over the world.

bdrocks9-0306cfIt looks challenging, and even unbelievable, that rocks can balance upon each other and stay that way.  Think I might need to give it a try next time I’m out on our stone yard!