Belgium (or Belgian) Block, called “Setts” in Europe, is quarried granite used for driveway paving or edging, walkways or paving for commercial projects.

Belgium Block or Setts, also known as cobblestones, come in rectangular shapes, usually identified by their larger size with granite stone pieces from 9” to 12” long and top heavy, somewhat rounded top. These very simple blocks are mostly a gray or dark gray.

Historical Uses For Belgium Block

Belgium Block however, is a general term and has little or no affiliation with Belgium. Unless of course, they come from Belgium. The name was adopted dating back centuries ago, when European ships set sail from ports such as Antwerp – or any port on the continent, in search of goods to trade. Ships would sometimes use large blocks of stone as ballast if they were too light. Then later when a ships belly would be filled with goods purchased, the blocks of stone, commonly called Belgium Block, would be left behind. Several U.S. port cities happily benefited, paving the roads of towns in Boston, New York, Charleston and others.

How Belgium Block Is Used Today

Today it is common to hear the term Belgium Block and cobblestone used interchangeably, to refer to any large rectangle shape of stone used for paving or curbing. The word cobblestone historically comes from the blending of two words, cob and stone. The word cob in Old English meant a “rounded lump”. “Cobble” appeared in the 15th century adding the suffix “le” to “cob”, furthering the description of small stones rounded by the flow of water. It was these smooth rounded “cobbles” gathered from stream beds, that paved the first “cobblestone” streets as far back as the Roman times.

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