What do architects do? Architects plan and design buildings and coordinate construction. Most U.S. states require licensed architects to have specialized education and experience and to pass a rigorous exam.  Two architects who actively participate on the home design site HOUZZ , comment on their role;

  1. We want you to be an active participant in the design process.
  2. We can oversee your project from beginning to end.
  3. Our work takes us everywhere.
  4. We do a little of everything.
  5. Looking for insight into our design sensibility? Ask who our architectural role models are.
  6. We are inspired by nature.
  7. We may be able to offer design expertise even on smaller jobs … but not always.
  8. We do our best to provide a pricing structure that is transparent.
  9. We are here to translate your needs into a functional, beautiful structure that also suits the site.
  10. We are with you on your journey.

lanvignes-french-limestone-05aChoosing an architect is a bit like choosing someone to go for a long hike with you,” says architect Nils Finne. “There needs to be trust, empathy, common vision, good communication and mutual respect.