Continuing with our segments on:  Quarried Stone – Plan Before Selecting, I’d like to comment on stone color and consistency as it applies to architectural and flooring specifications.

We find that color selection is the primary consideration prior to a stones final specification. Color is fundamental to the look and overall design in a homes exterior or interior. So it is absolutely necessary to determine if the color of a stone is going to be consistent.

Factories, distributors and stone suppliers have an obligation to their clients in representing the FULL range of color and geological activity within that product. They should also address the available volume of material within the color range, for projects that are large enough to possibly be effected.

Most quarries are made up of layers known as “benches”. Each bench represents a different period in time and inherently develop their own characteristics, i.e. color and activity.  Some benches are only 20” high and others can be 20 feet high. Therefore, availability of certain colors can be limited.

In the case where a “selection” of colors or activity from the “full range” are requested, the factory may require more production time to select.  Additional charges are standard in the industry. When a color selection is requested by a client,  the sample submittal must be more detailed. All samples must be clearly identified in terms of what color/activity is approved and more importantly what is rejected. If the order includes slab material, photos should be sent from the factory illustrating the same criteria.

Working with an experienced stone supplier such as Monarch Stone International, and asking the right questions, are two ways to ensure your project will have the final look you envisioned.