Why is natural stone preferred over man-made products?
Natural stone evokes an enduring feeling of warmth, stability, and permanence. It will outlast any type of manufactured, man-made product on the market. The color will never fade or change if it is chipped or damaged. Stone products require little maintenance and there are no risks to exposure to harmful chemicals in the home or released into the environment during production.

For architectural building stone, thin veneers are available in beautiful natural stone such as Santa Barbara Sandstone, French Limestone and a wide variety of domestic limestones. Whether thin veneer or full thickness, the use of natural stone is going to look better overall.  For landscape and paving use, stone will blend in with the surroundings including the structure and appear as it should: natural. Some full thickness natural stone and paving stone such as Historic European Cobblestone, can even be salvaged and re-used on future projects or renovations.

If making an investment in your home, adding greater value and aesthetics are priorities, natural stone will accomplish this for you!

Santa Barbara Sandstone Rubble Veneer

Santa Barbara Sandstone Rubble Veneer

Historic European Cobblestone Sandstone 6x6

Historic European Cobblestone Sandstone 6×6