French limestone is beautiful, durable, timeless.  No matter what the architectural design, French limestone will…Project Elegance…’ as this article expressed regarding an early project of ours  featured in Stone World magazine years ago.

One of Monarch Stone International’s  residential projects is nearing completion. This stunning home was mentioned in our very first blog a year ago.  It  features an exterior fully cladded in the  French limestone,  “Lanvignes” , along with a gorgeous hand-carved exterior/ interior door entry, interior staircase and more.  Here are some photos of the elaborate front entry being finished, and a close up of marble medallions hand-carved by a local artisan for the interior.  Check back with us for final photos.

Are you planning to use French, Italian or domestic limestone on your project? I’d be happy to discuss your particular specifications.  Contact Anthony Van Liefde at  Monarch Stone International.