The Value of Natural Stone For Your Home

We’ve discussed many times in previous posts, the intrinsic value of natural stone for your home.  Although the cost of natural stone may initially seem higher than alternatives, it’s important to remember that natural stone will far outlast most other materials, will remain in-style and add greater resale value. Here are 4 areas natural stone can be used to increase the value of your home:

1.Curb Appeal: Memorable homes begin at the driveway – a stone driveway made of authentic and charming Historic European Cobblestone, or beautiful porphyry pavers for example, will draw attention and make an immediate impression. Consider stone walkways from the curb to your entrance, accenting the approach to your home and making it appear more distinct, welcoming and stately.

2.Stone Details: natural stone for the exterior or interior of a home will add character and value. Exterior or interior wall veneer, architectural elements such as window surrounds, windowsills, door surrounds, columns can all be fabricated in a variety of natural stones.

3.Stone Flooring: Interior stone flooring is definitely a plus to a potential buyer. Stone flooring is a dramatic and long-lasting alternative to other materials. Natural stone used in high traffic areas will prove to be durable and easily cleaned, far outlasting carpet, wood or ceramic tile.

4.Backyard Stone:  Exterior areas, especially entertainment zones are perfectly suited for natural stone. The durability factor makes stone paving a desirable feature for outdoor living. Stone paving, pool coping, fireplaces, pizza ovens, conversation pits or low stone walls that define areas and do double-duty as seating, are all value-added areas, made even more appealing with natural stone.

Choosing the right kind of stone requires the help of experts such as Monarch Stone International with over 35 year’s experience and global reach with factories and quarries worldwide. Call us today and we’ll provide you with a stone investment that will last a lifetime!