Monarch Stone International specializes in sourcing and supplying unique stone from around the world!

Our main specialty is reclaimed antique Historic European Cobblestone. When we were contacted by Mr and Mrs Coleman, to find an authentic European cobblestone with a specific color request, we felt certain we could locate just the right stone!

Our clients are experienced and knowledgeable European travelers. On their many trips to Europe, they fell in love with the quaint cobblestone streets. Their dream was to have an authentic reclaimed European cobblestone driveway to complement their beautiful home in Missouri. And, although we have over 20 years of experience importing a beautiful array of old-world cobbles, none of our current stock from our Historic European Cobblestone collection were just the right colors they were seeking. They desired a darker, consistent color that we knew was either in the porphyry or basalt family of stones. The search was on!

Our process involved not just reaching out to our sources all over western Europe, but then sharing with our clients all the possibilities with photos. We found several interesting options. The list was narrowed down, more images submitted in both dry and wet conditions, mock-ups created, and finally actual cobblestone samples were submitted.

Then finally, the perfect match – a reclaimed antique basalt cobblestone from Germany was located, mockups approved, and several cobbles were shipped for inspection before the order was placed.  In addition to the specific color request, the project required cobbles reduced to a 2” thick height for setting on a mortar base with grouted joints. We often saw-cut antique cobbles for this type of installation. Our facility in Europe will saw the bottom portion before packaging and shipping. This also saves on shipping costs.

By the time the 10,700 sf order was placed, it was early 2020. Despite the Covid pandemic and its worldwide effect on shipping, we were able to quickly prepare the cobblestone. We then engaged one of the top shippers in the world to safely deliver the 6 containers to the Colemans residence without delays.

We love a challenge, but more than this, we love happy clients! The Colemans will be reminded of their adventures and enjoy their authentic antique European driveway for the life of their home!

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Client Review

“Our German basalt cobbles are now installed and we could not be happier. Although modern manufacturing capabilities have done an incredible job of replicating the “Old World” look, there is no comparison to the basalt cobbles you provided. Faith and I have been to Europe at least a dozen times. What we now have on our driveway is that same wonderful look! Because these cobbles have been used in Germany for this same purpose for over a century, we feel confident that they will withstand our harsh winter freeze/thaw cycles. We were also impressed with your concern about our installation especially after all material was shipped and you were paid. To have someone follow our project from beginning to end has given us even an even deeper peace-of-mind. We now look forward to your next Midwest visit so you can see the results.” – Dick C.

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