Cobblestone Pavers


Historic European Cobblestone Granite


Cobblestone pavers for driveways, walkways, patios are also referred to as Belgian Block or setts, interchangeable terms used today to refer to natural cobblestone paving material for just about any surface and varying in size from squares to rectangles.

Historically, stone was quarried from nearby areas and then ‘cobbled’, or roughly hand shaped into traditional square or rectangle sizes.  Belgian Block or setts, were names given to very large rectangular shaped street cobblestone. Ancient stone curb was hand-hewn from large stone pieces in limestone or in smaller granite sections. Sizes were massive; 16″ to 18″ tall, in long random lengths.

Today, consumers have many choices in natural cobblestone paving products; newly quarried or antique/reclaimed.  Monarch Stone International offers a diverse selection of high quality cobblestone pavers and curbing for your driveway, walkway or courtyard.

Cobblestone and curb collections:

Historic European Cobblestone®  | Porphyry  | Sandstone Cobble | Antique Brick  | Antique Curbing 

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